4 hours – Primary School Students

The surf awareness course is similar to that of surf survival but tailored to suit abilities of upper primary aged children. This course only requires the students to complete
a 100m swim without stopping. They complete most work that is completed by the surf survival students including basic theory, first aid and water work in the pool
(possibly water work in the surf dependent on surf conditions).

During their four-hour visit students are taught how to identify potential dangers, recognise safe and unsafe swimming areas, and learn how to identify rips and currents.
Students also learn about different wave types and how they are formed while also being instructed on important emergency response procedures.
The course will also provide instruction on swimming and deep-water flotation techniques, skills in correct board paddling. Students will also have
the opportunity to use
their knowledge to identify dangers during a beach walk.

They will also participate in the following:

–  Identify potential dangers

–  Safe/non – safe swimming areas

–  Rip/current identification

–  Wave types and how they are formed

–  Sutherland Shire Councils Surf Safety DVD

–    Swimming

–    Correct board paddling techniques

–    Performing board rescues with conscious patient in the pool.

–    Beach walk identifying dangers

–    Emergency response procedures