8 hours – High School Students

The surf survival course is designed for high school aged students and is based on eight lessons in which students learn from both theory and hands-on components.
It can be presented in various orders dependant on conditions on the day. On completion, the students will be issued with a surf survival certificate from the
Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguards Association, which is recognised by the New South Wales Department of Education. Students are required to
swim 200m in 5 minutes at the beginning of the course to satisfy legal and safety requirements.

They will also participate in the following:

–  Identify potential dangers

–  Safe/non – safe swimming areas

–  Rip/current identification

–  Wave types and how they are formed

–  Sutherland Shire Councils Surf Safety DVD

–    Swimming

–    Correct board paddling techniques

–    Performing board rescues with conscious / unconscious patient in both the pool and surf.

–    Beach walk identifying dangers

–    Emergency response procedures

–    Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on manikins.