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Promotional Products by COG Promo

COG Promo, Sutherland Shire Promotional Products, supporting Surf Hero.

COG Promo began serving Sutherland Shire businesses in 2008 and continues to deliver a full promo product service today. The COG Promo shared mission is to help business grow and succeed, and more importantly enjoy the process.

COG Promo understands that the promotional marketing our Sutherland Shire clients are each needing to be different and each require a promo product to deliver a certain type of marketing experience. Our Sutherland Shire Promo Agency designs promo merchandise for clients like Surf Hero that provide a superior marketing experience while delivering against the key business objectives, simultaneously honouring the brand and building equity.
The COG Promo identifiable skill is that we know business and can make the best decisions for our clients when it comes to deciding what sort...

Sonny meets Sally at Launch of Women’s QS6,000 – Cronulla Beach

Sydney to host Final Women’s QS6,000 of 2016 Season

Sally Fitzgibbons is set to host the Sydney International Pro, which will form part of an inaugural International Beach Festival at Cronulla from 3 - 6 November, 2016. The four-day event which will showcase our iconic lifestyle where sand meets sea. As host, Fitzgibbons wanted to offer an holistic beach lifestyle event which heralds healthy living alongside surf. To spearhead a new beach culture cross-over the festival will include a WSL Women’s (Qualifying Series) QS6,000, plus a fun run, ocean swim, Ironwoman Invitational, beach fashion exhibits, live fitness workouts, kids zone, organic markets and an open-air cinema. “This is a great opportunity for women’s surfing, we will have some of the best female surfers in the world here along with local boardriders, a girls junior comp...

Sonny and the Cronulla Lifeguards take the Pledge to keep NSW beaches clean.

This summer, let’s keep our beaches beautiful and litter-free! We can all help keep litter off the beach, just by taking it home with us or binning it properly. Keep NSW Beautiful is taking a stand against litter this summer with their new initiative, Take the Pledge, by getting as many people as they can to promise: “I pledge to keep New South Wales beautiful by not littering.” Sutherland Council supports this great campaign and encourage you ALL to take 30 seconds to Take the Pledge online now at

Shire lifeguard is the nation’s best

SUTHERLAND Shire residents have always known their lifeguards are among Australia's best and now it is official. Sutherland Shire Council lifeguard Cameron Pyett won the Waterman of the Year award at the 2014 Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard (APOLA) Conference at Diggers Beach, Coffs Harbour, recently. Cameron and fellow lifeguard Steve Winner were also selected in the NSW team for the OPSM Inter-state Challenge, which they also won. Sutherland Shire mayor Steve Simpson said it was the combination of these results and his performance at the conference which secured Cameron the title.

"The awards were based on communication and rescue skills, ocean knowledge and fitness; all key factors in being a professional ocean lifeguard," Cr Simpson said."Cameron and Steve also achieved excellent individual results that demonstrated their skills in the water and that's why...

Sonny meets the Mayor Steve Simpson

Most beach safety courses target high school-aged children, but Sutherland Shire Council is aiming younger to get across the message that while the beach can be a lot of fun, it can also be dangerous. To do so, the council has enlisted world No. 3 surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, University of NSW professor Rob Brander (Dr Rip) and a couple of cute mascots and set up the Surf Hero website.‘‘Kids will love getting to know Sonny, Max, Dr Rip and Sally and will, hopefully, learn more about surf safety at the same time,’’ said mayor Steve Simpson. To Read more about Sonny the Lifeguard meeting the Mayor click here....

APOLA Awards

Cameron and Steve were recently selected to represent SSC at the Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Conference.  In addition to gaining knowledge at the conference their skills were put to the test in a range of competitive activities. Cameron and Steve achieved excellent individual results that demonstrated their exceptional waterman skills. They were subsequently both selected in the NSW team for the OPSM Inter-State Challenge with NSW winning that event. Based on his results and performance at the conference, Cameron was awarded the honour of APOLA Waterman of the Year (2014)....


Sutherland Shire Council is encouraging primary school children to learn about beach safety and how they can become Surf Heroes on its new website, “Many of us have childhood memories of spending time at the beach in summer – it’s an Australian tradition. We are hoping that through the Surf Hero website and learning from the mascots like Sonny the Lifeguard and world number three surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, our kids will be safer at the beach,” said Sutherland Shire Mayor, Steve Simpson. “Beach safety awareness courses are often targeted at high school children but kids of all ages visit the beach so we wanted to get the message across to younger children. We want kids to have fun at the beach, but we also want to make sure they are aware of some of the...